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What comes to your mind when you think of beauty?: Countless aisles of foundation and mascara? Pencil thin models in magazines? The long haired blonde in a shampoo and conditioner advertisement? Or do more subtle simpler things manifest? You won't learn how to apply makeup here, but you will discover some real beauty secrets that not even Hollywood can master.

How to Do Some Easy Beauty Tricks

  1. Step 1

    -HAIR -

    Tease your hair before you put on a headband. This is a great trick to get fuller hair before placing in a headband, otherwise your hair will be flat. To add some volume simply use a fine-toothed comb and comb your hair back and forth with it through the roots at the crown of your head. Then lightly brush the top to smooth the hair, just slightly. Now carefully slip on your headband.

    To create a sexy twist easily spritz texture spray over all over your hair. Then pull it back into a low ponytail and secure your hair with an elastic band. Then grab the end of your hair at the tip and twist it tightly. Now wrap it around the elastic band, tucking it into the bottom and secure it well with bobbi pins. You do not have to have perfect hair to create this look, when you hair is a little messy it looks fabulous.

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  1. Step 2

    If you want to create a crimped look in your hair but do not want to buy another hair tool then follow this easy trick. Apply mouse to your hair when it is still damp. Then you want to do thin braids around your entire head. Once your hair dries, and you can speed it up with a hair dryer, unbraid your hair and you will have a crimped look.

    For a sleek straight look, blow dry your hair with a blow dryer and round brush. Then use a flatiron for extra sleekness just over the hairs that frame your face.

  2. Step 3

    Instead of all the silicone serums on the market to help make your hair shiny, use plain old baby oil! Baby oil helps straight hair be nice and shiny without weighing it down the way other products do. To make it easy to use, pour some baby oil into a spray bottle and mist it over your brush, then brush it through your hair gently.

  3. Step 4

    - MAKEUP -

    Apply two different mascaras. First use one that thickens and apply two coats, then use a lengthening one and apply another coat. This trick help your lashes to appear sexy and fuller.

    Apply some coppery shade of eye shadow underneath your eye and above your eye for a sexy look. Then apply two coats of very black mascara.

    Line the inside and outside of your lash lines with a dark pencil eye liner. Then smudge a matching hue of eye shadow around your eyes. Then add two coats of mascara.

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  1. Step 5

    Apply some vibrant colored eye shadow or liner with black mascara for a sexy different look. Just choose any shade you really like and then apply it close to your upper lash line. Don't place t all over your eye. Then apply a couple coats of mascara.

    Draw in a fat line of eye liner above your upper lid and then either a very thin one or none at all on the lower lash line. This helps to make your eyes look more awake and perky.

    Never allow one coat of mascara to dry before applying a second coat. Wait just a few seconds otherwise the mascara wand can get snagged in your lashes and make them clumpy and messy.

  2. Step 6

    - EYEBROWS -

    Don't forget to brush your eyebrows. Either have a eyebrow brush or use a clean mascara wand. You don't want your brows looking messy! Keep them well groomed as your brows are a focal point on your face.

    After plucking your eye brows brush your hairs straight up with a brow brush and then trim any long hairs the poke up past your natural brow line. Then brush them into place with the brow brush. If you see any hairs growing downward then trim from the bottom.

  3. Step 7

    Wear fake eyelashes if you want fuller, longer more lush looking lashes. Simply trim strips to fit the width of your eye and then apply them. Curl them along with your real lashes once they are applied so they blend in well together.



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